Idiot box Gallery 1988 
G1988 was opened by California natives Katie Sutton and Jensen Karp and was the first pop-culture-focused art gallery in the world, as well as a premiere venue to witness the rise of emerging artists. This year's theme for the exhibition 2022 is 'Idiot Box' Celebrating all that is TV from 1999 to the present. 
The Witcher was one of the series given in Brief to work on:
Yennefer is one of my favourite characters in The Witcher, I chose the anaglyph effect to make this artwork, it creates a sense of narration and shows two different characters in one personality very well. I have shown two sides of Yennefer as shown in the series 'One crooked as she was before becoming a Mage (Magician) The second image shows Yennefer in a powerful position after her transformation.
Colors: Red: #ff0000, Cyan: #00ffff
With Anaglyph 3D Glasses

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