Talk period: The project is based on Menstrual taboos that go around India, Such as Considering menstruation/periods dirty and impure, restrictions for touching certain things while menstruating (plants, pickles, holy books, entering the kitchen, temple) and its just a women's issue attitude. The purpose of this project is to encourage people to talk about it, by creating some posters for public spaces.  
I have approached this project through cultural appropriation, Raja Ravi Varma was an Indian painter and artist. He is considered among the greatest painters in the history of Indian art. and is known for his painting inspired by Indian mythological characters, gods and goddesses. I have chosen a few of his paintings and re-contextualised them in some regular Indian scenarios. 
The audiences for this project are the people who are living in metro cities of India, who are working class, educated yet practice menstrual restrictions, who have the knowledge but are still hesitant to try or to know about new products, and who are still not comfortable talking about this topic.
Some other famous paintings appropriation
Inspiration and Research
Lino print and Letterpress

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